Fax Router for Linux
& Fax2Send

Fax Sending Client

Fax2Serve is two components. The Fax2Serve server is Java based application that runs on Linux systems. and routes faxes in and out. Fax2Send is a client component for Windows or Linux for sending fax output jobs to the Fax2Serve server.

The Fax2Serve server basically takes the underlying Linux fax system and makes it easy to configure incoming fax routing, printing, accessing, sending faxes from networked workstations, etc. Fax2Serve requires a Linux (or Unix) system with MGetty+SendFax and Java 1.3.1 or greater support for the server.

Fax2Send runs on any Windows or Linux workstations with Java 1.3.1 for sending faxes through the Fax2Serve server. Other platforms will also work with Java 1.3.1 and a postscript printer driver available to create files with.

To get an overview of Fax2Serve, please click here --> Overview.

To get installation instructions on Fax2Serve, please click here --> Install Fax2Serve.

To get installation instructions on Fax2Send, please click here --> Install Fax2Send.

To download Fax2Serve and/or Fax2Send, please click here --> Fax2Serve & Fax2Send.

To view the version log for Fax2Serve and Fax2Send --> Version Log

To see what the web based interface to Fax2Serve looks like click here --> Demo.

Fax2Serve is distributed with a GPL license.

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